selling made simple.

Quite often, we get asked how certain things work and what the processes are. This page should help you answer those questions! If you think we’re missing something, let us know.

about us.

why should we choose you?

As a leading estate agency based in Bedfordshire, serving the Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire regions, James Kendall Estate Agents specialises in representing owners of distinctive and exceptional properties.

Our commitment extends beyond mere property sales – we act as your trusted advisors throughout the entire process.

With our expertise in negotiating the best possible sale price for your property and ensuring a seamless conveyancing process to completion, we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Our vast experience in connecting with discerning buyers in the mid to higher-end property market often results in quicker property sales compared to other estate agents in the area, with sale prices surpassing expectations.

Clients love us – if our 5 star Google Reviews are anything to go by!

what are your opening hours?

The office is open Monday to Friday 9 am-530pm, and Saturdays 10 am-3 pm.

We’re always on hand on WhatsApp for our clients too.

how do i get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you – you can call 01234 852434 – email, or visit our contact page.

selling your home.

how long does it take to get started?

why do we take up to 21 days to put your home on the market?

When it comes to selling your home, many estate agents aim to get it listed on popular websites such as Rightmove as soon as possible.

However, if you believe in the value of quality workmanship, you know that things worth having take time, care and effort to create.

Just like a fine wine or a masterpiece by Michelangelo, our bespoke home marketing is not created overnight.

Our details are carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail and a commitment to perfection.

how long am I tied in for?

You’re not, but beware!

Many agents will sign you into a contract exclusivity period called ‘sole agency’, which means you cannot list with another agent for a set time – This can be 8, 12 or sometimes even 20+ weeks!

Think of it this way – imagine signing up to a new gym (we’ve all been there!), and on the induction tour, they sell you the dream… the equipment is spotless, the reception team are excellent, smiling at you with their gleamy pearly whites, offer you the convenience to book your classes whenever… you sign up! – 1 week later into your contract, there’s never anyone on reception, half of the equipment is broken, and the classes you love are never available anymore… you’ve signed in for a year too!

You wouldn’t accept that, so why would you accept being tied in by someone dealing with your most valuable asset?

Say no to long contracts! 

You can cancel with us anytime, with only 28 days’ notice. (although you won’t want to, we promise!)

how do you vet potential buyers?

Anyone who makes an arrangement to view must provide us with their full name, address, buying position, financial position and contact telephone number before any viewing takes place.

When an offer is made on your home, we ask for two forms of ID and proof of funds.

We also, if applicable, thoroughly check the chain and, in instances where a mortgage is required, an agreement in principle.

who sets the price?

We offer advice meetings free of charge, and we’ll discuss your situation and how to get a premium price. We don’t tie our clients into long contracts, and we always offer honest valuations based on our knowledge of the local market and experience.

We recommend setting a guide price or offers over price in line with the portal price bands to attract the most interest.

why guide price or offers over?

The way the majority of Estate Agents work is outdated.

The days of placing a property for sale in your shop window and a small square in the local paper are long gone… However, many are still clinging to the past.

The internet is an enormous, always open, digital newspaper!

You need to be visible, and poor pricing can affect the number of enquiries you receive.

Pricing your home like a used car – i.e. £299,995 means buyers searching up the £300,000 mark will not see your property at the top of the search results (as it defaults to price order descending), so you may appear on page 3/4/5+ dependent on how comprehensive your buyers’ search is… think of it this way, searching on google do you check everything on page 4/5+

Pricing at a round number does two things.

  1. Higher rank in search results = more views = more viewings = more money.
  2. Double the eyeballs on your home – appear in the search for people searching FROM £300,000 (or whichever price too).

Guide price and offers in excess of allow us to set a price in line with the portal bands to maximise the interest in your home.

We know what works. For the past four years, we have consistently number 1 for property views on in Bedfordshire.

why do you do all the viewings?

A question we’ve been asked lots previously, particularly by those that had tried to sell their own home with an online advertising agency.

The answer is simple.

Of course, no one knows your property like you do!  However, showing buyers around can be awkward, intimidating and can often affect negotiations where emotions are involved.

Remember, we’re the negotiation experts – we know how to sell your home on its merits.  We also take note of the details that we feel potential buyers will want to know, for example – which way the garden faces, the council tax band, school catchments and other important info.

Relax, leave selling your home to the experts.

will you put up a 'for sale' board?

Yes. – unless, of course, you would rather not have one.

For Sale, boards are a great way of advertising your home for Sale.

Potential buyers will often drive by areas they would like to in, and we have sold homes to those that weren’t even considering a move but wanted that particular area!

The For Sale board will have our contact details on it, and one of our partners will erect the board outside your home, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty!

do I need a floorplan and photos?

Our selling fee includes everything you will need to sell your home for the best price, including professional lifestyle photography, property video and a floor plan. Our experts will prepare your marketing materials. Once you’re happy with them, we will list your property on the internet on Our Website, Social Media Platforms and of course Rightmove, where up to 98% of buyers look for their next home.

who deals with offers?

One of our Management team will oversee any offers that are made on your home.

We’re experts in negotiation, and we should be. It’s our job!

We’ll advise you on offers and either accept or decline them on your behalf once you have made a decision.

You’re always in complete control of how much you want to sell your home for. Legally, Estate Agents must make sellers aware of all offers made.

What’s your home worth?
Book a valuation.

We appraise homes and provide a full report on current prices in the area and the change in demographics and trends due to the new post COVID marketplace.

We will offer you our expert opinion on the price of your home at no charge with no pressure or obligation.

book a valuation