Your Spring checklist for a Successful Move by Summer

PRICE Asking price Is your house price competitive when you compare it with other homes on the market?

If it’s the highest price of its type, is that increase justified?

Does your agent support your asking price?

Is your price a simple one (eg £500,000) instead of a so-called psychological price (eg £499,999), which doesn’t work on the portals?

PRESENTATION Kerb appeal From outside your home, does it look attractive and well-kept?
Initial impressions Is your hallway bright, warm and welcoming?
Kitchen Is your kitchen less than 20 years old?

Are your surfaces relatively clear of clutter?

Is it cleaned to a shine?

Do you have contemporary accessories, as opposed to knick-knacks?

Reception rooms Is your furniture in good condition?

Do you have a neutral carpet?

Are your soft furnishings less than 15 years old?

If you have a fire, is it lit in your photographs?

Is your furniture positioned so the windows are accessible?

Do you have no, or minimal number of, personal photographs on the wall?

Bedrooms Is your bedding plain and neutral?

Is the bed in your main bedroom dressed with cushions and a throw?

Do you have matching bedside tables and lamps?

Have you kept personal possessions and toiletries to a minimum?

Bathrooms Are your towels white or cream?

Are the toiletries you have on show for viewings special ones?

Have you put away toothbrushes and other personal items?

Is your bathroom sparkling clean?

Garden Do you have attractive furniture in your garden?

Do you have a place to eat outside?

If you have children’s play equipment, is it in good condition?

Are your lawns free of leaves and mole hills?

Are your flower beds neat and tidy?

Are shrubs and trees looking their best?

Are all your outside lights working?

Are paths free of weeds and leaves?

PROMOTION Images Do your images really showcase your home?

Are lamps and fires lit?

If you have any images taken through windows, can you clearly see both the inside of the room and the view?

Are the internal images all taken at roughly the same level, about chest-height?

Are there lifestyle images included, and not just ‘point-and-shoot’ photos?

Is there a main focus in every image?

Are the images bright and warm?

Do you have a twilight image?

If appropriate, do you have a drone or aerial image?

Is there a front image of your home, including the front door?

Written description Is your written description enticing and attractive?

Are there lifestyle elements included in the description?

Does the description mention all the key selling features of your home?

Brochure Do you have a hard-copy brochure of your home?

Is it printed on quality paper and a pleasure to hold?


Sale board Do you have a sale board?

Does it include a photo of your home that you can’t see from the road?

Online advert Does your main image really sell your home?

Do your images flow in order as if you were viewing the house?

Are your images labelled with the names of the rooms?

Is your floor plan easy to read online?

Is there a link to your brochure from the desktop advert?


How did you do?


There are 52 questions in this checklist. If you didn’t answer ‘yes’ to at least 42, you may be unintentionally deterring buyers.


We’d love to see your checklist answers. Just take a photo or scan your list and send it to or via WhatsApp to 01234 852434. I’ll share my thoughts with you on how you could improve your likelihood of selling and moving on by summer.

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