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first, a word from James Kendall.

I formed JKEA in 2011 from a spare bedroom in my parents’ house, I moved back home at 25, rented my own house out and went it alone.

Having worked in the industry since 2003, I had learned a lot from various peers about what to do and what not to do I worked really hard for the clients and achieved some amazing results working for some great local companies.

I always found it really hard, working in an industry that was seen to be sleazy, crooked, liars and ‘the worst’ (type ‘estate agents are’ in google and see for yourself!).

I’d always considered myself a really good estate agent, but I knew nothing about running a business – I literally had no experience or any sort of plan, I just knew I had to get out of where I was and do something myself. So that’s what I did.


what's different?

If you stopped 10 random people in the street and asked them what an Estate Agent did 7/10 would probably say ‘Take photos, put it on Rightmove.co.uk and show people around the house’.

Unfortunately, that’s true for some estate agencies out there – take some poor/average photos, upload to the internet and wait for the phone to ring.  This may have worked in 2004/5 when listing homes for sale on the internet was in its infancy, but in 2021 buyers need more.. in fact, they demand more. Your internet listing is your digital shop window, if your photos are poor, buyers will simply dismiss and move onto the next property.

Take a look at the comparison opposite, the same Kitchen, but one of the poor photo’s used to market the property unsuccessfully previously for 3 months – we sold the house in 10 days with a proper marketing strategy for £15,000 over the asking price.

Previous Agent Photo

"The service and communication provided by James Kendall was fantastic from start to finish. I felt extremely valued as a customer and they made our transition of selling our home very easy!" - Mr & Mrs Button, December 2020.

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