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Through meticulous refinement, our tailored property marketing approach consistently connects with the ideal buyers for standout homes. Given the distinctiveness of your property, we curate custom, professional marketing materials that accentuate its characteristics, design, and the lifestyle it promises.

Client testimonials affirm that our marketing approach not only meets but surpasses expectations, frequently securing sales for homes at prices beyond anticipation.

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A word from James Kendall.

I formed JKEA in 2011 from pretty humble beginnings in a spare bedroom in my parents’ home. I moved back home at 25, rented my own house out and went it alone.
Having worked in the industry since 2003, I have experience working for different companies on what to do and what not to do.

I worked hard for clients throughout my employed career and achieved some fantastic results working for great local companies.
It’s always been challenging having to ‘come out’ as an Estate Agent in friendship groups or meeting new people because the industry has a reputation of being seen to be sleazy, crooked, full of liars and ‘the worst’ (type ‘estate agents are’ in google and see for yourself!).

My results spoke for themselves when it came to selling homes, I had hundreds of happy past clients, but I knew nothing about running a business. – I had no experience or any sort of plan, and I just knew I had to get out of where I was and do something myself. So that’s what I did.

What’s different? Estate Agents are all the same!

If you stopped ten random people in the street and asked them what an Estate Agent did, 9 of them would probably say, ‘Take photos, put it on Rightmove.co.uk and show people around the house(if you’re lucky).

Unfortunately, that’s true for some estate agencies out there – take some poor/average photos, upload them to the internet and wait for the phone to ring.
This may have worked in 2004/5 when listing homes for sale on the internet was in its infancy, but in 2021/2 onwards buyers need more they demand more. Your internet presence is your digital shop window. If your photos are poor, buyers will dismiss and move on to the next property.

So what is different?

Well, for a start, we’re expert marketers. We don’t believe in just putting your home on Rightmove and hoping for the best, and we have developed our in-house property marketing plan to bring your home to the market.

Each home is different and so are your circumstances, so each marketing plan is bespoke to you and your home, but we employ proven methods to maximise the interest in your home and, subsequently, the sale price.

Our bespoke marketing.

Lifestyle Photography

Our images are not just pictures but masterpieces crafted by our professional lifestyle photographer.

While some estate agents may use a decent camera or hire a professional photographer, our images are in a league of their own. They showcase every detail of a stunning kitchen while capturing the breathtaking view perfectly. This expertise and technical skill can only be achieved through years of experience. Similarly, our images of candlelit baths exude a sense of luxury and aspirational living, reflecting our deep understanding of what potential buyers desire.

Professional Copywriter

Our professional copywriter crafts a vivid and compelling description of your property by going beyond a standard overview. By learning the history, memories, and unique features of your home through direct conversation, our copywriter can paint a picture that appeals to potential buyers. The copy includes noteworthy facts, detailed descriptions of rooms and features, and highlights of the surrounding area.

Home Styling

Our expert team leverages their knowledge of desirable home design to style your property for photography and video footage, creating an elevated, luxurious look reminiscent of interior design Instagram accounts and magazines like Homes & Gardens and Country Living.
We collaborate with you to tailor the styling to your home, and on the shoot day, we can bring a curated selection of props, furnishings, fresh food, and drinks to enhance the visual appeal of the rooms and grounds.

Presenter Led Video Tours

We’re well renowned for our walkthrough video tours on social media. Over seven and a half months’ worth of video buyers have consumed on social media in 2022 alone! Think “Escape to the Country” for your own home.

No contract tie in

Estate Agent contracts are outdated. Forcing someone into a period of exclusivity suggests a lack of confidence on the agent’s part and protects them, not you. We will never tie you into a long sole agency contract period.

WhatsApp Groups

A survey of 1000 people who had bought and sold a house in the UK was conducted by the National Association of Estate Agents. The number one complaint they received from those buyers across the country was that they felt communication was lacking throughout the transaction.
We create WhatsApp groups for all our clients so you can connect with your agent and our team during and outside office hours to ensure you’re always informed. Once you have accepted an offer from a buyer on your home, we create a separate group for the buyers, too, ensuring a smooth ride for all parties as possible.

WhatsApp will never replace the telephone, and we’re here six days a week for all of our clients on the phone.

An exceptional, moving experience.

No Lettings Department

We are a sales focussed real estate company, we have massive respect for Lettings professionals and the intensive work they do to manage properties, but from Personal experience, owner James Kendall knows that having a company offering both Lettings and Sales can be labour intensive and lead to reduced services for sales clients if there are lots of letting issues to deal with.

Quality, Not Quantity

We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of agency, and our values are to deliver an exceptional moving experience; we cannot provide this service if we were to market every property that comes our way.

We don’t have a minimum value of homes we deal with, but we do not market everything that comes our way.

By employing James Kendall to help you move, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re creating a relationship with a company dedicated to high-quality property marketing and an exceptional moving experience.

Help to buy your dream home.

The American and Australian real estate markets both have to buy agents who help buyers negotiate the biggest emotional purchase in their life. The UK does too but rarely is it offered outside of Central London.

Negotiation is a skill, and we’re expert negotiators. We’re here to help you buy your dream home too.

With our buyer representation service, you’re the client, not the seller, so we help you find the property of your dreams and secure it for you.

*Please note, we cannot act as your buying agent if the property you wish to buy is for sale through James Kendall Estate Agents due to a conflict of interest.

With You From Start to Finish

Pushing your sale through to completion can be a challenge.

Sandra Bloch is our dedicated sales progressor and will be the expert link between all parties to ensure your sale advances as smoothly as possible. We thoroughly vet all buyers, so you can be sure you won’t experience any unnecessary fall-throughs.

It’s no surprise that on average, we move people six weeks faster than our competitors.