How to make your move in 2024

Heading: New Year, New Home?

How to make your move in 2024


Will you be making any New Year’s resolutions for 2024? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, then you’ll be joining the 35 million Brits committed to taking positive action to improve their lives in 2024, according to new research by comparison site And what better place to discover the ‘new you’ in, than in your new home?


With research revealing 33% of resolution makers citing health improvements as their number one priority, it could be worth asking yourself how your home contributes to your wellbeing.


Just like a relationship that no longer quite ‘fits’, the same can be true for your home. If you’ve outgrown your home, or fallen out of love with your home, then New Year 2024 is the perfect time for a change.


If you have resolved to sell your home in 2024, we have just the tips to help you make your move.


  1. Try before you buy

No, not the home; the estate agent! Perhaps you’ve been on the market previously and had no luck selling, or maybe it is your first foray onto the market. Either way, having the right estate agent behind you makes all the difference in, not only achieving that ‘sold’ sign in your front garden, but also selling at the price you want. 


Research your local agents, call into their office, see if they offer you refreshments. Do they seem interested in you? Are they proactive and positive? Do they ask for your details and make a note of them?


  1. Dress your home to impress

It’s easy to become ‘house blind’. Invite a trusted friend or family member over and ask their honest opinion on your home. What do they think of the décor, the accessories, the bedding…even the smell! Take their feedback on board, pop a couple of home styling magazines into your shopping basket and give your home a makeover prior to the marketing photoshoot. 


Struggling for inspiration? Make sure to use an agent who offers home styling. Our team are experts on how to dress your home to impress.


  1. Professional photography

A property photographer can take your home from ‘scroll past run-of-the-mill’ to finger-freezing, technicolour Pulitzer Prize winning game changer. 


When it comes to selling your home this year, the eye is in the detail. A professional property photographer knows the best angles and can capture your home at its A-lister best to draw viewers through the door.

Looking for not just the architectural highlights of your home, but also capturing the emotive lifestyle shots that truly tell the story of what it’s like to live in your home; a property photographer can make all the difference.


  1. Through the keyhole tour

Lights, camera, action! Celebrate your home’s A-lister status by choosing an estate agent who offers professional videography. 


Surprisingly, this is a feature not offered by all agents, yet it can help sell your home at little inconvenience to you, the vendor. Don’t settle for fuzzy audio and shaky Blair Witch camera work; instead, choose a pro agent who uses top of the range recording gear to offer a seamless, Through The Keyhole, guided tour of your home’s many highlights. 


  1.  Pull it together in a perfect brochure

How many estate agents hand over a flimsy sheet of faded A4 to accompany viewings? Too many, we say. Your brochure should bring your home to life. Which menu would you prefer to order from? The elegantly bound, mouth-wateringly descriptive carte du jour, or the plastic backed photocopy?


Separate yourself from the crowd, stand out and tempt viewers with high quality design, professional photography and evocative descriptions.


  1. Ask for a helping hand

Ah but you make it sound so easy, we hear you say. That’s because it is that easy. To us. After all, this is what we do to help our home sellers day in and day out. We know how emotional and time consuming it can be for our clients. That’s why what we love most of all is taking away the pressure of selling your home. 


If you’re ready to move home, or are struggling to sell your home, why not give us a call? 


We are happy to offer our own advice on the market, and your unique selling position. If you need someone to help you remain accountable to your New Year’s Resolution, we’d love to help ensure you achieve your goal to get moving this year.


If you think you might be ready to make your move in 2024, please get in touch on 01234 852 434 or drop us a line on 


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