Mental Wellbeing in Bedford

Mental Wellbeing in Bedford

This two-minute read has a look at some of the things you can do to help keep you feeling well and positive.

Life, as we knew it pre-pandemic, is gradually looking more like it used to, as Governments across the UK relax Covid-19 rules. 

This is exciting for many but it can also feel a bit overwhelming as activity levels rise. 

It’s important to take responsibility for looking after ourselves so we don’t tip over into post-pandemic burnout. 

Here are some suggestions of tools to try.


This acronym stands for Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep. 


If you’ve never tried meditating, the Headspace app is an amazing way to learn. There are also lots of myths around meditating so don’t dismiss it without doing a bit of research first. Insight Timer is another excellent app for free guided meditations, some as short as five minutes. 


This word can strike fear in the hearts of many. It doesn’t have to mean an hour with an army bootcamp, (unless that’s what you’re interested in). How about walking from your house or office for ten minutes, then turning on your heels and walking back? Something is better than nothing.


Diet doesn’t mean only eating kale and protein shakes, (but go for it if that’s what you’ve found works for you). ‘Everything in moderation’ can be a useful mantra. You’ll be just as unwell if you binge on carrots as if you binge on beer. There are lots of trained nutritionists who can give you tailored advice, which can be really helpful for making lasting lifestyle choices.


There is more and more research being done on sleep; is a great resource. The NHS advise simple ways to help you get to sleep easier and have a better quality of sleep, too. These include:

  • writing a to-do list
  • having a warm bath
  • reading a book, or listening to one
  • generally keeping to the same times for sleep and waking up.


Podcasts are essentially radio series from individuals. Adrienne Herbert comes highly recommended with life hacks on her podcast ‘Power Hour’. Great for listening to before bed, on a walk, or even while you’re doing the housework, podcasts can teach you something new or shed insight on a new perspective.

What are your favourite ways to take some time out from the rush of modern life and ensure you’re taking care of yourself? Let us know here at JKEA.

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t constitute medical advice. If you’re suffering with mental health difficulties, please visit your local GP. If you’re in immediate danger of hurting yourself, please go straight to A&E.

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