Good Value Gadget Guide for Campers in Bedford

Good Value Gadget Guide for Campers in Bedford

If you’re planning a camping trip this summer, here are some useful gadgets that won’t break the bank.

For some people, camping is about channelling their inner Bear Grylls and facing the elements with little more than a flimsy tarp, a few pouches of dehydrated beans and a stiff upper lip.

For others, it’s all about ‘stuff’, preferably high-tech and usually expensive. Think shiny portable pizza ovens, palatial bell tents or an ultra-light travel guitar for cheeky campfire renditions of Kumbaya.

And then there are those seeking something in between. A chance to enjoy a low-cost break in a beautiful, natural landscape but with a few mod cons thrown in to make life easier.

For those in-between campers, here are a few good value gadgets to take on your next outdoor adventure.

Matador pocket blanket – This water-resistant blanket folds up to about the size of your hand, so it fits easily into your backpack. It’s great to sit on if you’re having a picnic lunch or wrap around your shoulders if you get chilly.

Travel clothesline – Available from any good camping store, a travel clothesline helps you address one of the biggest camping challenges – how to get wet stuff dry. The minute the sun comes out, string the clothesline up and hang out those wet towels and waterproofs.

CGear sand-free mat – This nifty mat is made from a special dual weave that doesn’t accumulate sand or dirt. The idea is that small particles like sand fall through it, rather than sticking to the surface. So you won’t be shaking sand off it for weeks after being at the beach.

Portable battery – One of the attractions of camping is that you can tune out from the news and social media. But realistically, you’ll probably want your phone charged in case you need to make emergency calls or use sat nav. In just 30 minutes, the sturdy RUGD Power Brick battery will have your phone charged up to 50%.

Solar-powered fairy lights – Not only do they make your tent look pretty, but these lights also provide useful illumination if you nip out of your tent at night and need to find your way back.

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